The Shy Norwegian "Nisse"

This is a FUN and FAST knit - you`ll LOVE it!

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In this course, you`ll get:

Pattern and instructions for several variations of this "Nisse"

Excellent Video Tutorials for EVERYTHING - you`ll NEVER get stuck

Several different charts for creating an even more Norwegian/Nordic look to the body and/or hat


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A Norwegian Nisse is, according to folklore, responsible for the protection and welfare of the home.
He (or she) often wears a bright red hat. He resides in the pantry (or barn) and watches over the household. He is responsible for the care of any animals in the home. The Nisse has an enormous capacity for work, but will not tolerate anyone’s interference. ;-)  

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The Nisse require very little of the humans they work for. They demand only the love, respect and trust of the family, and a bowl of "julegrøt" (Christmas porridge) with butter, on Christmas Eve. 

A Home with a Norwegian Nisse is a Happy Home! 


Yarn Info:

The pattern calls for Sandnes Fritidsgarn:

100% Wool

Yarn Weight: Aran

Yarn Ball Weight: 50 grams

Yarn Meterage/Yardage: 70 metres

Yardage: Approx 200 grams, depending on your color choices 

Needles: 5.0 mm and 2,5 mm/ US 8 and 1,5 /UK 6 and 12, = short circular needles or double pointed needles.

Filling: Use wadding, scrap yarn, rags or similar


You will receive more information about yarn (and suggested colors etc) after registration.

The finished Norwegian Nisse will be approx 60 cm/24 inches tall.

PLEASE NOTE: You may actually use ANY yarn (and ANY needle size) for this project, but the full size of the completed Nisse will then be different from the original.

This will be such a FUN knit!


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